In order to innovate in any field of expertise, one must step back and take some time to observe the entire field from the highest perspective possible, reviewing it from different angles that represent factors that influence our progress in what we do. It all starts with centering yourself with source and setting your intentions based upon solid principle that unites rather than separates, focusing with an acute precision on the force that is your vital essence, the same vital essence in Every living thing. Prana, Ki, qi, life force, chi… It has many names but basically entails the exact same thing.
The time has come to acknowledge this energy , to come to a better understanding of it and how it affects us in everything we are, do and become in life how we can tune in to create a more harmonious experience. This sets the tone for greatness but also requires the structures of current systems to be updated accordingly.
In the field of hairdressing, it is necessary to recognize the energetic exchange that occurs with human touch and take the initiative to become educated on how to strengthen your ability to make that energetic exchange as beneficial as possible for everyone involved. This will inevitably evolve your practice and produce rewarding results infusing your skill, career, and relationships with harmony peace and love.